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The Standard for High Performance Miata Fuel Injectors


Supports up to 260whp on E85, 300wph on pump gas

better-than-stock idle


Cutting Edge Bosch Technology


640cc @ 3 bar with OEM, unmodified tips provide excellent control and atomization, resulting in the best of both worlds: big power potential with the precision and flow matching required for a smooth idle on small engines.


Flow Tested and Dynamically Matched


Flow Force Injectors are tested at wide open flow and at a simulated driving conditions. We then match them into sets with static and dynamic flow rates ±1%.  With each cylinder getting nearly equal fuel, you get a smoother idle, and can tune more aggressively without going lean in one cylinder under boost.

These Bosch design 4 injectors are without a doubt some of the best I have ever flow tested. They are super precise.
— Jim, injector testing engineer

Plug and Play For Mazda Miatas


Everything needed to make these injectors plug and play for your car - injector-to-fuel rail adapters, seat cushions, connector adapters, and fuel rail spacers.  Just install, tune, and go!


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